The Snap - New Review

The Snap – New Review

Here at Honest Betting Reviews we are always on the lookout for services in sports beyond the “big three” of horse racing, football and golf.

In particular we are keen to seek out services covering US sports, which we see getting more coverage from tipsters now that gambling is legal in many US states. 

The biggest US sport of them all of course is NFL, which is now a truly global game with massive TV audiences around the world and even some games being played in London. 

Perhaps surprisingly, there are however a dearth of good NFL tipsters out there and we currently don’t have any on our Winning Tipsters list. 

Hopefully that is all about to change however with this next review. The service we are looking at is called The Snap and it comes from a guy called Russ Yershon.

Russ is an NFL expert and sports fanatic who has featured on channels such as Bloomberg, offering his expert analysis and viewpoints on the sport.

His results last season were very impressive, with a return on investment of 14.81% being achieved on a strike rate of 58%.  

It sounds like quite an easy service to follow with just 3-4 bets per week. There’s also a members-only chat group on Telegram where you can get discuss the week’s match-ups.

With the NFL season just about to kick off, it feels like an opportune time to get a review underway and in fact Russ has already sent out his outright picks for the campaign. 

So without further ado we will get this review off and running and will report back here regularly on how things are going. 

In the meantime you can check out The Snap for yourself here.





Author: Jose Wood