The Science of Betting: Strategies, Probabilities, and Winning Formulas

The Science of Betting: Strategies, Probabilities, and Winning Formulas

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Casino games and sportsbooks are designed to generate revenue for the house. There are lots of tactics and strategies that players can use, but at the end of the day, the house always wins.

However, this isn’t entirely true now, is it? We have professional gamblers who can win more consistently compared to casual players. We also know that experienced gamblers invest a lot of time to choose from the best online casino sites that are on review platforms like This means, there are a lot of factors, like bonuses, that can swing the odds in your favour. 

The goal of the article is to provide readers with betting strategies and casino strategies. Some of them will be easy to use, while others are more complicated to execute.

Still, they only work in legitimate casinos that are safe for players and audited for fairness. So make sure you pick a reputable fast payout operator from a list at to ensure fairness and quick access to your winnings. Now let’s get started.

Easy-to-Follow Roulette Strategy

The iconic Devil’s Wheel is one of the oldest and most popular games in both land-based and online casinos. There is an easy strategy that all casual players are using, and it involves placing 50/50 bets (red or black, high or low, odds or even).

The idea is to double your bet every time you lose. This way when you eventually win, you recover all of your losses. The only problem is if you end up on a big losing streak, your losses will accumulate.

The other problem is that casinos have a maximum bet size, which at some stage you may hit before you are able to recover your losses. This is why we don’t recommend this strategy – which is often referred to as the “Martingale Strategy.” More information about this is detailed here.

Instant Win Games

There is a new category of gambling content in online casinos. These are instant win games or mini-games, and you can find titles like Aviator, Spaceman, Plinko etc.

This strategy works on games like Aviator where you can cash out fast. If you click cash out in the first few seconds you get a small multiplier on your bet, like 1.05x the stake. The idea here is to bet large sums of money and cashout instantly so that you can get meaningful wins.

Perfect Blackjack and Card Counting

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It’s difficult to play blackjack if you are a new player because learning perfect blackjack requires a lot of time. One of the best online casino strategies to help you bypass this obstacle is to simply use your phone and your PC. Open the guide in one tab and consult the chart about each move before you decide to hit or stand.

You can also use card counting to improve your odds, and once again if your phone is nearby open the calculator app. For this, it’s better to play blackjack in the live dealer category, because more players can be at the same table. You can even invite your friends to help you keep track of the cards remaining in the shoe. The card-counting strategy requires you to add or subtract numbers depending on the value of the cards that appear on the table.

Low-number cards from 2 to 6 are counted as -1
High-number cards from 10 to 1 are +1
7,8 and 9 are counted as 0.

As cards appear you need to add the numbers together and keep track of the result. Once the deck shoe is nearing its end you’ll get a good idea of which cards remain.  If the score is positive that means most of the remaining cards in the shoe are low value. While if the score is negative the majority of the remaining cards are high value. When the score is negative your odds of hitting blackjack are better, which means you can bet more and expect higher returns.

However, online casinos usually have continuous shuffle machines or dealers shuffling after 4-8 decks of cards, rendering card counting pretty much pointless. This strategy is therefore only likely to work in a regular casino rather than an online casino.

Arbitrage Betting Strategy

When it comes to sportsbooks the best betting strategy is to look for arbitrage bets. This will require you to have multiple accounts with different sportsbooks that don’t use the same data for odds generation.

This is also easier to pull off if you bet on sports like Tennis that don’t have a draw outcome. In essence, if one operator favours one team or player, and the odds with other operators favour their competitor, you will win regardless of the outcome. You can bet a substantial amount of money on both outcomes because you will come on top either way.

It’s also worth noting that player activity impacts the odds. Meaning if a player base that uses one operator overwhelmingly supports Team A, while a player base with another operator supports Team B, the odds will be affected. It’s one of the reasons why arbitrage bets are even possible. Given how there was a recent increase in the number of people who gamble online, and how many casual gamblers simply follow the odds that are provided by default, arbitrage bets are becoming more common.

Still, it’s difficult to find these opportunities. There are many sports out there, and you don’t know whether two different operators are using different algorithms. After all, there are tons of sister sites out there that don’t look anything alike, and yet are owned by the same company.

However, the problem with arbitrage betting is that the bookies positively hate it and have software set up to detect when people are arbitrage betting. They will close or restrict your account very quickly if they suspect you are arbing.


These were some of the easy-to-follow casino player development strategies that pretty much anyone can use. Of course, if you want to play in real casinos you cannot rely on your friends to help you like you can when playing online.




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