Racing Success - New Review

Racing Success – New Review

We are starting a new review today of a horse racing service called Racing Success. 

This is a service that bets solely at Betfair SP, which will be of interest to those whose accounts have been restricted at the bookies. 

The selections apparently come from a complex horse profiling algorithm, which has been tested and refined over a number of years. 

Results posted on the Racing Success look very impressive, particularly when you consider they are at Betfair SP. 

Reported results for the last few years are:

2023 – 139 points
2022 – 347 points
2021 – 495 points
2020 – 234 points
2019 – 504 points
2018 – 400 points

As you can see those are superb results at BSP and if they can be repeated in a live trial it would be quite a feat.

We note the service went live last year so the results for 2023 are the most relevant and have been proofed elsewhere.

Selections can be backed win-only at BSP or win and place, depending on each user’s preference. Backing the place seems to give enhanced profits and smooth the ride so we intend to include both in our trial. 

Interestingly they only bet on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We are not sure why those days specifically – perhaps they have been shown to be more profitable under the algorithm. 

Anyway, this is a review we are quite excited about as to find a racing service that is profitable at Betfair SP would be a huge bonus and something we know a lot of you are seeking. 

So we will kick things off today and report back soon here on how things are going.

In the meantime you can check out Racing Success for yourself here.




Author: Jose Wood