How Much Money Can You Make On Sorare?

How Much Money Can You Make On Sorare?

Please note this page has been updated for January 2023 following game rule changes.


We have featured quite a lot of content about the fantasy football game Sorare over the last year or so and one of the most frequent questions we get asked is “how much money can you make on Sorare?”

This is a good question and really there are lots of ways to make money on Sorare. From trading cards, to receiving payouts for hitting certain scores to winning cards as rewards.

If you’ve been following our journey you will have seen that we have won around $20,000 worth of rewards on Sorare so far, whilst some people have made much more than that.

However, much like the question “how long is a piece of string?” it is difficult to answer exactly how much money you can make on Sorare – it depends on a number of factors, including perhaps most importantly how much money you put in.

We can break down the approximate earnings potential though based on which strategies you employ and some average return metrics.

As you will see below, the earnings potential is quite high, although it also comes with risk.

We should also stress that nothing in this article is financial advice and information is provided for educational/entertainment purposes only.

If you are not familiar with Sorare and how it works, you can check out our guide here.


How You Can Make Money On Sorare

Okay so let’s break it down in terms of how you can make money on Sorare.

We should stress that in order to make money on Sorare, you do have to spend some money at the outset by purchasing some cards. Although there is a free to play game on Sorare, the chances of winning something on this are quite low. So being realistic you do have to buy some cards to start competing and earning.

In terms of how much money you could theoretically make, in the best-case scenario there is the opportunity to make a significant amount of money on Sorare. Those at the top end with the biggest galleries regularly sweep up huge amounts of rewards each week.

For example here is the manager Mr Kurrupu and his earnings on Sorare:

He has earned 123.99 ETH in rewards and won cards worth 373.02 ETH, giving combined earnings of 497 ETH, which is around $750,000 at today’s ETH prices.

The top managers like this can earn tens of thousands of dollars worth of rewards each week.

However, you would need a huge budget to compete with the top managers so that is not realistic for most people. More realistically then, how much could you make on Sorare with a reasonable budget?

Well, as we mentioned above, there are three principal ways of making money on Sorare so it makes sense to treat these three separately.

These are all of course subject to change should Sorare decide to it wants to alter the structure of the game.

For the time being though let’s focus on how things are now and what the opportunities are for making money on Sorare at the moment.

You can sign up to Sorare here and get 10 free cards to get you started.


1. Hitting Thresholds to Win Ethereum

The most straightforward way of making money on Sorare is to hit certain threshold scores in the required divisions.

In the old game mode (pre-January 2023) if you scored either 205 or 250 fantasy points in the All Star Rare division, you would win the equivalent of $25 or $50 respectively of the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

However, Sorare replaced this in January 2023 with a new “capped mode.”

In this new capped mode you have to hit 250 points with a budget for your team of 240 points, based on the players’ Last-15 (L15) scores. 

Whereas previously you could use any players to hit the 205 or 250 point scores, now you have to do so with significant restrictions – you have to pick a mixture of good and bad players, or five average players.

In essence your selected players have to outperform their average scores over the last 15 games for you to hit the 250 point threshold (please note there is no lower threshold anymore). 

What’s more, card XP and captain bonuses will NOT count towards your score in the new capped mode. 

So the game is much harder now and users cannot expect to hit the threshold every gameweek as they may have done previously.  

On the plus side however, Sorare have expanded the threshold to other scarcities, where as previously it had only applied to the Rare All-Star division. The rewards available now are as follows:-

Limited Threshold: You win $5 worth of ETH if your Limited Capped Mode team achieves 250 points or more in a Game Week
Rare Threshold: You win $50 worth of ETH for achieving 250 points or more
Super Rare Threshold: You win $100 worth of ETH for achieving 250 points or more
Unique Threshold: You win $250 worth of ETH for achieving 250 points or more

If you have a big enough gallery, you could now be competing for $405 worth of Ethereum every gameweek – a very tidy sum indeed! 

Only a tiny proportion of managers will be able to do this though due to the cost of buying Super Rare & Unique cards, so the vast majority of managers will be competing for the Rare and Limited thresholds – a combined $55 per gameweek. 

It is worth bearing in mind that you have the opportunity to win this ETH threshold twice per week, as there are two “gameweeks” per calendar week. One is for the weekend fixtures and the other is for midweek fixtures.

However, in reality when you take into account breaks in the football calendar, injuries and suspensions etc it is not realistic to expect to have the opportunity to hit the threshold twice every week.

As we say, with the new points cap – and card & captain bonuses not counting – the threshold will be much harder to hit.

With a wide range of players playing in different leagues throughout the year and with a good strategy, picking fixtures carefully and paying attention to team news, we would estimate that hitting the threshold 50% of times entered would be a good result. 

To provide some context, having been on the platform just under a year we have won nearly 1 ETH in threshold rewards, which is a pretty decent return considering we started out with a small gallery.

The Cost

The next question is how much it would cost to build a team to hit the ETH thresholds.

Well first up you need a team of five players to enter the fantasy contests – called “SO5 Tournaments” on Sorare. Being realistic to take into account injuries and suspensions you will need more than five players though.

With the new changes to the capped mode, it is difficult to say how many players you would need. Basically, as deep a gallery as possible – perhaps 20 players or more would put you in a good position to regularly compete for the threshold.

The other option would be to trade in and out of players before a gameweek to ensure you have a team under the 240 points cap – but that could end up being very expensive if lots of people have the same idea. 

The best thing to do is go to the third party site Soraredata and scout some players on there. You can see their prices and previous scores, including their averages for the last 5, 15 and 40 games. We would say focus on the last 40 as that gives a more accurate reflection of the player’s abilities.

An example of an "ETH Threshold" Team

An example of an “ETH Threshold” Team under the old system.

In terms of the prices of cards, Limited cards can be purchased for as little as $1, with average prices fluctuating from around $50 to $200 over the last couple of years. 

Rare cards are more expensive and a decent threshold squad will now cost well over $1,000. This is in part because you will need a goalkeeper to compete for the threshold and they are very expensive on the platform, with most good ones selling for at least $500.

Super rares and Uniques are more expensive still and it is probably not worth considering going for the thresholds in those divisions unless you have at least $5-10k to spend.

Summary: you can earn up to $405 per gameweek from hitting certain scores in Sorare’s fantasy football game. Most managers will aim for $5 for the Limited threshold and $50 for the Rare threshold however. Hitting the threshold scores has become harder with new rule changes but should still be possible around 50% of the time with a deep enough squad. 

You can sign up to Sorare here and get 10 free cards to get you started.


2. Win Card Rewards

The second way to win rewards on Sorare is by winning cards in the SO5 tournaments. Cards are rewarded to managers who finish high up enough on the leaderboards. You can then sell the cards you win on the secondary market.

There are tournaments based on the scarcity of cards and also by region, so there are a lots of contests you can enter if you have enough cards.

The number of rewards per division varies based on a number of factors including the number of clubs playing, the number of entrants per division and how many cards Sorare has left to give out.

However, just to take some rough examples from a recent gameweek in the Champion Europe divisions:-

In the Limited division there were 5319 entrants and 550 prizes, so 10% of entrants won a prize
In the Rare division there were 1714 entrants and 200 prizes, so 12% of entrants won a prize
In the Rare Pro division there were 505 entrants and 40 prizes, so 8% of entrants won a prize
In the Super Rare division there were 167 entrants and 15 prizes, so 9% of entrants won a prize
In the Unique division there were 34 entrants and 3 prizes, so 9% of entrants won a prize

As you can see, the percentage of entrants winning a prize is fairly equal across the divisions.

As you go up the divisions, the value of the cards you can win goes up considerably though. If we take the top prize to be an Erling Haaland card for example, here are the recent prices of his cards for each scarcity:-

Limited: €2,135
Rare: €20,945
Super Rare: €86,592
Unique: €609,595 (N.B. Unique cards generally cannot be won yet in Sorare, only bought).

A massive difference there as you can see, with the most expensive card ever sold on Sorare being Erling Haaland’s Unique card, which went for over €600,000.

Football Superstar Haaland NFT Sells for $1 Million in Online Auction #NFTs #Sorare #Sports #Gaming

— Crypto News 🇦🇺 (@cryptonews_aus) February 2, 2022

As we say though, generally Unique cards can’t be won on Sorare – the top prizes are Super Rares.

In any event, unless you have a very large budget you will probably be competing for Rare or Limited cards. And in terms of the prices of the cards you might win, it can vary a lot.

Sorare award cards based on a tier system, such that the higher up you finish on the leaderboard, the better the card you should win.

Here is an example from the Champion Europe Rare division:

Top 4 places – win a Star Rare card (typical value of between €2,000 and €21,000)
5th – 20th – win a Tier 1 card (typical value €1,000 – €2,500)
21st – 80th – win a Tier 2 card (typical value €500 – €1,000)
81st – 220th win a Tier 3 card (typical value €200 – €600)

So that’s for the Champion Europe Rare division but the card values vary a lot both by region and scarcity.

The Limited cards are the cheapest ones and sometimes the Tier 3’s will only be worth a few Euros. The best Limited cards can be worth over €2,000 though, so as we say there’s a lot of variation in the prizes, even in the Limited divisions.

To provide some context, at the moment there is a good chance of winning a decent amount in card rewards on Sorare if you have a good gallery and work hard on team selection.

For example, over the last year whilst we have won just under 1 ETH in threshold rewards, we have won over 6 ETH in card rewards, which is around $16,000 at today’s prices.

That has been made up of 99 rewards won, 62 of which were Limited cards and 37 were Rare cards.

Our most valuable reward won so far is Anthony Moris, a Goalkeeper for the Belgian side Royal Union SG, who are top of the league. He has changed hands for prices of around €1700.

Goalkeepers are very valuable on Sorare due to how few of them there are.

Your chance of winning cards is dictated to a large extent by the quality of your gallery. If you own elite players like those from Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Ajax and Liverpool then you will have a good chance of winning regular rewards, presuming you study injury news and fixtures to avoid obvious mistakes that is.

Conversely if you have a small budget and can’t afford these top players then it will be tougher, although with some skilled scouting and studying of fixtures the possibility is still there to do well and win some cards. There are many Sorare managers who have done so.

One of the long-term issues affecting card rewards going forward though is that as more and more users join Sorare, so the SO5 fantasy contests get more and more competitive. As there are only so many cards Sorare can give away due to having fixed scarcities of the cards, inevitably over the long run it will mean a lower percentage of entrants winning rewards.

Sorare may find other rewards to give away to compensate for this, whether in the form of ETH or some alternative reward. As yet they have not announced any specific plan to expand rewards though so users have to be prepared that winning cards may become tougher in future.

It is worth pointing out that there is also ETH given out if you finish in the top 3 of any SO5 tournament, which is extremely hard to do but is very welcome if you do manage it!

Summary: you can win cards on Sorare by finishing high up enough on the leaderboard in the fantasy football contests. At the moment around 10% of entrants win cards as rewards. These cards vary in value from a few Euros up to tens of thousands, depending on their scarcity and region.

You can sign up to Sorare here and get 10 free cards to get you started.


3. Trading Cards

The third way to make money on Sorare is through the trading of cards. In some ways this is the simplest and for some people, the most fun way.

Just like with any other form of trading, the idea is to buy low and sell high.

There are numerous ways you can do this, but some of the main strategies include:-

Buying players when they are injured and waiting for them to come back and then selling them.
Buying players who are out of form and then waiting until hit they hit form.
Buying players who are not being picked by the current manager and hoping the team gets a new manager who does pick them or the player gets a transfer.
Following transfer news and picking up players who are rumoured for a move that would benefit their standing and likely scoring on SO5.
Studying fixtures and trading players who have a favourable run of games coming up where they might score big.
Picking up young talented players before they become well known.

There are probably lots of other trading strategies out there but that gives an idea of some of the main ones. Valuations do fluctuate a lot around players’ form and fitness so there is a lot of scope to make a profit from flipping cards.

Some managers focus very heavily on trading and look to build up their earnings that way. If you are fast on the transfer news it can really pay dividends, so to speak. 

For example the Sorare card of Aaron Ramsey, who was languishing on the bench at Juventus, shot up by nearly 500% when news of his transfer to Rangers started to break. 


🔵 Aaron Ramsey is set to join @RangersFC on a loan with buy option agreement, per @FabrizioRomano

— Viaplay Sports UK (@ViaplaySportsUK) January 31, 2022

That transfer gave the card a lot of additional potential utility, as most people are expecting Ramsey to start more regularly and score more points for Rangers than he had been doing at Juventus. 

So buying these out-of-favour players who are not playing regularly but might get a transfer can result in significant gains on Sorare if a transfer does materialise. Sometimes you can get a good rise purely on the speculation of a transfer without it even needing to be confirmed. 

Trading cards can be a good way to start out if you don’t have the funds to go out and buy a full team to compete in the fantasy contests.

As with any market, it is obviously easier to make money when there is a bull market, which has been the case for most of the time we have been on Sorare. Sometimes you are able to make a profit simply because the market as a whole has gone up since you bought the card. Obviously it would become much harder if there was a bear market and cards were generally falling in price.

Summary: you can make money from trading cards on Sorare. Valuations tend to fluctuate a lot based on form, injuries and fixtures so there is a lot of scope for trading on the platform. 


Conclusion – Making Money on Sorare

There are three principal ways to make money on Sorare – hitting a threshold for scores, winning cards by finishing high enough in the tournaments or through trading cards.

How much money you can make really depends on how much money you put in – having better cards gives you a better chance of winning rewards, which in turn improves your chances of winning the next week. There is a certain snowball effect to the rewards on Sorare, which can either be a positive or negative thing depending on which side of it you are on.

The most straightforward strategy is to target the ETH threshold in the new capped divisions. Hitting the thresholds wins you from $5 for the Limited division up to $25 for the Unique division, which can really stack up.

If you have the funds to buy a competitive team then you can also win cards in the fantasy contests, which you can then sell on to other managers. The chances of success are much more variable, but with good scouting and studying fixtures, injuries and form you can put yourself in good stead. As detailed above, at the moment around 10% of entrants are winning rewards per division. The value of cards varies drastically per division and how high up you finish.

Finally you can make money by trading cards. The amount you can make will vary hugely depending on how successful you are and how often you trade. Some people have done very well trading though and there are strategies such as buying injured players that have worked well for many users.

As mentioned at the outset, there is risk with all this and you could lose money on Sorare. Cards could fall in value, there could be changes to the structure of Sorare that negatively impact rewards or some other factors could affect the platform.

Hopefully though this has given you some idea of how much money you can make on Sorare as things stand at the moment. And hopefully given the over $700m Sorare have raised in funding and the huge growth the platform has enjoyed, it will continue to do well and offer the chance to win good prizes.

You can sign up to Sorare here and get 10 free cards to get you started.



* Please note nothing in this article constitutes financial advice and we are not financial advisors. The information above and on this site is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research. The value of cards can go down as well up. Sorare is an unregulated platform operating in the blockchain space.



Author: Jose Wood