Cleeve Racing - Re-Review - Honest Betting Reviews

Cleeve Racing – Re-Review – Honest Betting Reviews

Every once in a while here at Honest Betting Reviews we like to give services we have reviewed in the past a second look. 

This could be because they have had a significant reversal in fortunes, a change of strategy or have revamped their service altogether.

An example of this is a service we reviewed some time ago but that has come up on our radar once again after major changes – and much improved results – and that is Cleeve Racing. 

This is a horse racing tipster we originally reviewed back in 2020 and to be frank, it had a pretty horrible time during that trial. 

Despite being a respected service with strong results coming into our trial, unfortunately they finished over 100 points down at the end of our review. 

Now 2020, as you will no doubt remember, was a tough time for racing (and just about everything else!) as racing was cancelled due to covid and then had a revised and condensed schedule. 

Whatever the difficulties faced however, sadly the service just didn’t perform. 

However, in June 2022 Cleeve Racing got a new tipster and since then it has looked like a completely different service.

In many ways of course, getting a new tipster is like starting a new service, so perhaps it isn’t even accurate to call this a “re-review” at all and calling it a “new review” would be more accurate. 

In any event, we don’t to get too bogged down in semantics so let’s get down to the brass tacks instead.

Since the new tipster – a chap called Mike with many years of experience as a professional punter – took over in June 2022, he has made a superb 340 points profit. 

That has been achieved with an excellent return on investment (ROI) of just over 20%.

Fourteen out of the sixteen months Mike has been tipping have been profitable, which is the kind of consistency we like to see!

[In case you missed it, Mike & Cleeve have also produced a FREE Ten to Follow Guide for the jumps season, which you can grab here].   

With such solid results under their belts we are keen to see how the new revamped Cleeve Racing gets on under a live trial. Hopefully we won’t jinx it this time…

Anyway, we will kick off the trial today and will update results here as we go along as usual. 

In the meantime you can check out Cleeve Racing for yourself here.





Author: Jose Wood