AAA Bettor - New Review

AAA Bettor – New Review

We are starting a new review today of a football betting service called AAA Bettor from the Wadster tipster platform. 

This is an English Premier league football tipster and they only tip on the biggest markets on the exchange – ‘match winner’, ‘over and under goals’ and ‘Asian Handicaps,’ meaning there is plenty of liquidity available and there should be no problem getting bets on. 

AAABettor, a seasoned sports bettor with a substantial background in finance and statistical modeling, has been actively engaged in sports betting for an extended period.

His journey commenced by closely following advice from other tipsters, which provided him with valuable insights into the intricacies of betting theory.

Drawing from his expertise in finance and statistical modeling, AAABettor began creating football score models, initially as a recreational pursuit. Given the widely held belief in market efficiency, particularly in the major leagues, the prospect of consistently achieving profits seemed challenging.

However, AAABettor’s experience took an unexpected turn as he discovered that gaining an advantage was indeed achievable, even in highly competitive leagues like the English Premier League.

He learned that shortly after matches in a given gameweek, when the market was still developing, he could identify compelling value-based odds. 

This insight enabled him to place bets with a positive expected value in advance of the subsequent week’s games. His unique ability to process information in his model more swiftly than the market gave him a significant edge.

That edge seems to be real, with results to date reportedly standing at 130 points profit at an ROI of 6.5%, all at achievable prices.

Since going live on the Wadster tipster platform, he’s up 30pts for an ROI of 10% for the first season on the platform. 

Bets are provided via a Telegram bot and users pay a fee for a certain amount of profit (pay as you go). 

We will kick off this review today then and record results here as we go along. 

In the meantime you can check out AAA Bettor for yourself here. Please note – if you type the code “HONEST” in full capitals, into the affiliate part of the bot (bottom of menu) on sign up will get 3 free credits! 




Author: Jose Wood